The Monthly Playlist: March

If you’ve been here from the start (approx 4 years ago) you will know that I used to create these playlists every month. Life got busy and I became useless at curating my favourites each month on Spotify, however I’ve rediscovered my love for collecting sounds and the monthly playlists are back!

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Hacks & Tips For The Best Day Ever At Disneyland

I still have to pinch myself when I think back to the two days that Liam and I had at Disneyland earlier this month in California. Both of us had grown up with stories from our parents and grandparents about how much they absolutely adore Disneyland and that anyone who is lucky enough to go will always say that it was one of the best days of their entire life, and one of the best (two) days of our lives it certainly was!

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travelAsh Owens
How I Want Things To Change On Instagram In 2019

Is it just me.. or does it always feel like there’s a big elephant in the room whenever someone drops the word ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’? For me, there always is, which is irritating when it’s your full time job that you absolutely love, but the industry is still new and is having some serious growing pains.

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lifestyleAsh Owens
5 Important & Liberating Things I Have Realised This Year: Career, Love, Friendships & Me

The year of 2018 has by far been my biggest year of growth as a woman, a woman I have been the most proud of during my lifetime. We are still a couple of months away from the new year however during the lead up to Christmas and my birthday (23!!), I can’t help but spend a little time self reflecting so today I want to share some of the key things I have learnt this year that you can all apply into your own lives, because I believe life is all about growth.

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lifestyle, beautyAsh Owens