5 Important & Liberating Things I Have Realised This Year: Career, Love, Friendships & Me


5 Important & Liberating Things I Have Realised This Year

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The year of 2018 has by far been my biggest year of growth as a woman, a woman I have been the most proud of during my lifetime. We are still a couple of months away from the new year however during the lead up to Christmas and my birthday (23!!), I can’t help but spend a little time self reflecting so today I want to share some of the key things I have learnt this year that you can all apply into your own lives, because I believe life is all about growth.


Before self employment, I pretty much hated every job I had. They were junior level jobs, so of course being at the bottom of the food chain is hard as we all know post-university, however if the type of work you’re doing isn’t feeling rewarding, making you excited, feeling inspired, then you must know that there is something else out there for you! I think that so many of us just accept that ‘work sucks’ and you have to put up with a career that you don’t enjoy because life doesn’t quite work without a consistent income, but when you think about how much of your life is dedicated to being at work, it’s actually CRAZY to think that we should just put up with jobs we hate purely to feel financially comfortable.

If you aren’t happy, take some time to research other industries, potentially look into studying again and make sure you aren’t spending 40-50 hours per week doing something you hate, because by the time you’re retired, you will regret not doing something that you were passionate about!

I finished my degree at the end of last year and just KNEW I didn’t want to go into events, marketing or PR. I wanted to do something on my own and I really just had to trust my gut, and I’m so glad I did because now I know it’s always right. I’ve always had a burning desire to work for myself by helping and inspiring other people while doing something creative and at the end of last year, I took a leap of faith. Of course financially and personally it was scary (a constant fear of failing), but a year later I am now reaping the rewards and I am so glad that I trusted my gut.


This year I have chosen to almost exclusively (with the exception of a night out), wear BB cream/tinted moisturiser to even out my skin tone and give a light coverage, but to stop completely covering the scars, and insecurities on my face. It sounds silly but choosing to wear a tinted moisturiser on a daily basis is almost metaphorical for me. It’s forgetting about my acne scarring, letting go of my imperfections so that they don’t define me and taking away the mask I hid behind for my entire teen/ adult life (AKA full coverage matte foundation). It’s been liberating and has actually forced me to feel so much more confident!

I’ve been secretly trialling the new Eau Thermale Avene Day Protector Tinted BB Cream for the past four months and I am SO excited to finally tell you guys about it! I have a couple of tinted creams that I love but this one has taken the gold medal in my makeup bag and it’s what I have been reaching for every single day, the formula is gorgeous and it makes me feel more beautiful than full coverage foundation ever did, even on the days I’m breaking out or am nursing a pimple scar.

I wore the Day Protector Tinted BB Cream almost every day during our trip to Greece because of its sun protection. Being SPF 30, it gives you that sun protection confidence and light coverage which means it is absolutely perfect as an everyday base during the summer. I wore it while I swam, out for dinner, during the day as we wandered little towns in the scorching heat and it never broke me out once which was something I was especially impressed with!

Free from alcohol, parabens, fragrance and infused with Avene Thermal Spring Water (the brand’s key ingredient for hydrating and soothing the skin) it’s the light coverage, every day base that is actually GOOD for your skin, will never irritate or feel greasy and looks natural and gorgeous all day. It’s my newest fave and I’m nearly onto my second bottle!


This is probably my favourite analogy that I have ever heard, and it’s just so true.

Friendships are like plants, they need water and sunshine to grow. You have to spend time out of your day or week to water them, otherwise they will wilt and die! Whether it’s a phone call, a text or a brunch, taking these moments to water your plants is so important.

We also know that having too many plants is difficult to keep up with and are likely to all end up wilting if you can’t dedicate enough time to water them, so it’s better just to have a couple of good quality plants that you can dedicate more attention to and are more likely to thrive!

Basically get rid of your crappy friends that require too much stress, and focus on the special friends in your life that make you happy, love you no matter what and can survive even if you can’t water their plant for a couple of weeks, kind of like an orchid that can come back to life.

Ya feel me?


I believe that getting what I have wanted in life this year has come down to a mixture of hard work, and believing and trusting in the universe that it will happen. I wrote down financial, career, personal and travel goals into my phone notes at the beginning of the year and all of them have reached beyond the goal I hoped for due to hard work and trust in the universe. What you attract, you will receive, so work hard and believe in yourself, it’ll give you everything you want! I promise, it works!!!!


I spent so much time during my past relationships expecting something bad to happen and shock horror, it always did. I went into my relationship with Liam as a total optimist which is a complete contrast to my attitude in past relationships. Of course compatibility, stage of life, age etc all come into play, however I really believe that my positive attitude in this relationship has allowed it to flourish in the way that it has two and a bit years down the track!

I used to have such an unhealthy reliance and attitude towards relationships, but now I really believe that if you give your relationship the attention, space, trust, respect, understanding, compromise and love it deserves, it will give you all of those things back. Your partner is going to treat you how you treat them, so make sure they know that you trust them, love them for who they are, respect that they have a life too and that you have their back like a best friend should! Don’t sweat the small stuff, pick your fights and know that relationships aren’t always perfect and that the imperfections should still be loveable.

Self awareness and personal growth is so important and this year has been my biggest year for it, I cannot wait to see how much my life develops and grows over the next couple of years, with all of you by my side. We’re all in this together!


Love Ash xx

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