8 Days In The Greek Islands: Agean Sunseeker Topdeck Tour


8 Days In The Greek Islands


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Out of all the travel I have done, the Greek Islands truly takes up the biggest amount of space in my wanderlusting heart. When people ask me where they should go while travelling Europe, it’s the first place I say is a MUST DO! I have done the Greek Islands twice, once on my own and more recently on the Aegean Sunseeker Topdeck Sailing Trip which I can tell you now after comparing it to independent travel, is totally 100% the way to go when it comes to travelling Greece.

So why is the Topdeck Sailing Trip so much better than organising your Greek Islands travel independently?

Organising your own travel in the Greek Islands is basically a logistical nightmare. You’ll be doing at least 3 different islands which means booking three hotels, three ferry rides.. think lugging your suitcase in 32 degree heat from hotel to ferry to hotel to ferry to hotel. That is EXHAUSTING, trust me I’ve done it!

On this particular trip, your accomodation, breakfasts, lunches and transport are all completely sorted, it includes guided tours, you meet new friends for life and you don’t have to worry about a single thing rather than which bikini you’re going to wear for your daily jump off the boat and then which flavour gelato you’re feeling for that afternoon. It’s FAB, stress free and so much more fun!

For even more of a stress free experience, I had my entire trip from flights to accommodation including the tour all booked through Flight Centre, they’re awesome because they will sit down with you, go over everything to help suit your budget and book it all on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about a single thing!

You can check out some of Topdeck’s tours via Flight Centre here, or head into your nearest store and have a chat with the team to book!

Where We Went


Day One

Guided tour of Mykonos town + a night out 

The island that has EVERYTHING. The cutest wee town with incredible shopping, a tonne of gorgeous beaches to choose from, a night life that will keep you up and out until sunrise and picturesque views to enjoy everywhere you go, it’s everyone’s favourite for a reason! On day one we met up with the group at 2 pm, settled into our cabin on the boat (rooms of 2-3 people) and then enjoyed a walking tour of Mykonos town with our amazing Greek tour guide who was hilarious and full of interesting knowledge. That is one thing I loved about being on a tour – having someone there to educate you about the history of the location.

Our tour guide then took us all for dinner so we could all get to know each other, then out on a fun night out to all of the most popular bars and clubs in Mykonos town!

Little Venice & The Windmills

This area of Mykonos is the #1 tourist attraction and rightly so because it is BEAUTIFUL. The go-to place to watch the sunset and take gorgeous photos. The tour guide takes you here for photo opps before dinner!

Paradise Beach - Mykonos

Day Two

If you don’t do a day & night in Paradise Beach while you’re in Mykonos, you’re missing out. Luckily on the morning of day two the boat sailed us over to the beach and docked up there for the entire day and night so that we could swim, relax and party through until the AM and so conveniently get ourselves back onto the boat within a 500m walk! Paradise Beach is famous for it’s warm crystal clear water, but mostly for it’s outrageously fun night life. Around 4 pm they turn the music on, their two beach clubs start to fill up with people racing to the bar and by 9 pm the entiiiiiire beach is completely full of people dancing and partying until the late AM. Anyone who has experienced Paradise Beach will tell you it was one of the funnest nights of their entire life!



Paros is a slice of magic that not many know about, making it one of my favourite islands in Greece! If you love to take photos and you want to get that perfect shot without any tourists in the background, Paros is the place to do it (Mykonos & Santorini are tricky when it comes to photos). There are endless cobble stone streets with beautiful colourful buildings, seats and trees and the town is so clean, much less touristy and incredibly authentic!

Day one of Paros starts with a walking tour of Parikia, the main town of Paros following with free time to get lost in the beautiful, quiet streets! The dinner location we were taken too was also my favourite from the entire tour, as you can see from the photo it was pure magic.


Day Four

Perhaps the most historical island of them all, full of incredible Ancient Greek history and gorgeous views! Naxos is also the BEST island for affordable yet unique gifts and souvineers so it’s the best place to pick something up for your mum (the Greek women do the most gorgeous work with pottery here!). We learnt about so much fascinating history during the walking tour with our guide and then spent the afternoon exploring the old town and buying souvineers!

Although this island is so rich with ancient history, it surprised us by having the trendiest, coolest cocktail bars and clubs which made our night out in Naxos super fun and a little bit fancy!

Ano Koufinisi

Day Five

Three words: HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.

If you are all about that beach life, this island will be a total highlight for you, it is absolute magic and totally looks like mermaid habitat everywhere you go! A day of swimming, wandering and visiting the Devil’s Eye (a natural swimming pool) is well needed after the big night out in Naxos, it’s truly the most incredible hangover location!


Day Five

Welcome to the life of the party.

Ios is perhaps one of the wildest party locations on earth, it has earned its reputation by having its entire old town full of themed bars and clubs that range from silent discos, to the bar that exclusively plays old school hip hop & RnB. Everyone starts their night at Far Out Beach Club around 4 pm which is full to the brim of party animals across the road from the beach with a DJ, the best strawberry daiquiri’s I’ve ever had and it even has its own Tattoo Parlour.. yes, you read that correctly. Then they take buses up to the town at around 1 AM to party until morning.

The boat conveniently dropped us at Far Out, then docked up at the marina which is a short walk down the hill from the Ios old town which is fabulously convenient after the big night out! See, this trip is ALL about convenience which is why I loved it so much!



Day Six

The island of my dreams, my #1, top of the list travel destination was everything I had dreams of, and MORE. Santorini is one of those places that is even better than the pictures, and lives up to our expectations like no other Europe destination. It is truly a dream come true which made it the absolute perfect final destination on our Aegean Sunseeker Tour!

You now know that this tour is all about making travel in the Greek Islands 10 times less stressful, so it was fabulous that we were able to arrive at the island on our boat, jump off and onto a huge bus (Santorini is NOT walkable if you don’t like walking) and get taken around the island on a mini excursion en route to the main attraction of Santorini: Oia!

We were given an hour & a half of free time to explore Oia, take some photos before we met back up with the group to drive over to Fira (the main town of Santorini) for our final tour dinner, cliffside to watch the sunset.

It’s magic, so I spent an extra 4 nights on the island to truly explore everything Santorini has to offer which I highly recommend you do after the tour ends!

Budgeting For The Tour

As I mentioned, the price of the tour includes all breakfasts and lunches which are cooked by the boat’s cheff and every single meal was absolutely delicious. It’s great having the chef because all meals have healthy options and if you’ve booked and paid for the tour well in advance it saves you SO much money! You are also given a free 1.5 L bottle of water every day on the boat which is fantastic. You’ll have to budget for is your dinners which will cost between 8-15 Euros depending on the restaurant and what you order. There’s always Gyros on the menu so if you’re on a strict budget you can always just go for a 5 Euro Gyros!

The only other things you need to budget for is bar drinks, snacks and souvenirs which you might need around 300 Euros for all up, depending on how much you want to drink and shop of course.

I hope this post was helpful to any of you who have considered a Topdeck tour around Greece and as always, please let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks to Flight Centre and Topdeck for this awesome Greek trip – check out some other great Topdeck trips here!

Ash xx

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