Instagram Accounts to Follow that won't make you feel Shitty


Instagram Accounts To Follow That Won’t Make You Feel Shitty

I think it’s SO important to not let social media rule our lives, and I think we all often forget that we are the ones in control.

Instagram especially has a bad rap for making you feel like shit as we have the tendency so follow aspirational accounts that aren’t always totally honest or authentic, and surprisingly it’s actually harder to find accounts that make you feel the opposite of shitty, that make you feel excited, inspired, calm, reassured, grateful, motivated, that make you laugh, that ARE real and honest. That tell you that you are enough and that you’re beautiful just the way you are.

I have listed some accounts that make me feel all of those things, and never make me feel shitty. These people post content that is a true pleasure to consume, and they all add true value to my scrolling life. Let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time scrolling Instagram, so why not make our scrolling experience more positive?

Less blaming Instagram for our low self esteem, more taking control over the app experience and only following accounts that ‘Spark Joy’. Marie Kondo the shit out of your shitty accounts you follow that make you feel shitty.

@theannaedit – Anna makes you actually want to be productive, encourages you to achieve your goals and does the best most honest reviews which I always appreciate. I can always count on her to be honest about a product!

@morganharpernichols – Aesthetically pleasing quotes to make you feel happy and remind you of your worth

@rubyalicerose – A local kiwi gal creating cute, relatable artwork that will make you giggle and keep you inspired

@katiejanehughes – Doing makeup on Instagram how it SHOULD be done. SHE SHOWS EVERY PORE and I love it!

@emmahill – Fashion without the snobbery, Emma is by far the most down to earth fashion blogger I can think of! She has impeccable ‘cool girl’ style but is an absolute goof on her IG stories and YouTube channel. She’s straight up hilarious but has no time for bullshit which I love about her!

@sharmtoaster – More honest beauty reviews! The more honest people you follow, the less bullshit you allow into your world as a consumer, you’ll make better purchases and not feel as if the influencer world is trying to sell you crap.

@plantswithben – Educational about indoor plants and honestly it’s just SO NICE to see plants pop up in your feed, almost just as good as having them in your home

@ssssamanthaa – One of my favourite YouTubers because her straight up, savage attitude towards reviews and the influencer world is all kinds of hilarious and refreshing! my favourite part about her Instagram feed is that she DOES NOT edit her skin, she lets her acne and scarring shine through her beautiful makeup artistry work. We need more people like Sam to change social media norms, she’s so relatable and it’s so nice to see beautiful make up done with imperfections still being showcased, because news flash, that is real life

@julesvonhep – The founder of tan brand Isle Of Paradise (sold at Mecca) is an advocate for body positivity and I absolutely LOVE his good vibes and encouragement to love your body no matter its shape or size!

@mypaleskinblog – I am OBSESSED with this beautiful girl and her feed, another gal who keeps it real on social media when it comes to her skin. Her captions are also incredibly inspirational and it’s a pleasure seeing her content in my feed

@allanaramaa – Oh my word this girl puts me in FITS of laugher. I could watch her Instagram stories all day long, she is the queen of posting unflattering angles just for the lols, but also curates a beautiful IG feed. Absolutely adore Allana and you should definitely also check out her YouTube channel!

You’re welcome <3