My Top Recommended Luxury Foundations for the Cold Months


My Top Recommended Luxury Foundations For The Cold Months

I feel like you’re all constantly hearing me banter on about getting the ‘glow’, but it’s getting cooler and our skin is getting dryer, so getting the glow is slightly more difficult, unless you have the right products!

Skincare is essential for treating dry skin in the cooler months, but I always recommend to take it one step further with your foundation and your skin is going to love you for it.

I actually used to be a super ‘oily acne prone’ skin type and gravitated towards matte foundations which clung to dry patches and pretty much made me look even duller than I already did during winter, thankfully over the years I discovered face oils (helped me go from an oily to a normal/combo skin type!) and glowwy foundations with beautiful ingredients and it’s been life changing. I now feel confident wearing makeup because I’m not worried about it sitting on top of my skin and looking cakey, and brands are now bringing out better and better formulations which give the skin a glow but never allowing it to look oily! Tick, tick!

I’ve compiled my top four glow giving, hydrating, good for your skin luxury foundations that I have fallen head over heels for, and am currently using exclusively as my only four foundations on rotation.

YSL Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturiser $92

  • How long I’ve been using it: 8 months

  • Formulated with 70% water, hyaluronic acid (the best for dry skin!), Vitamin E to protect and nourish the skin and lots of skin loving antioxidants

  • This is the one for you if you HATE the way makeup feels on your skin, it literally just feels like moisturiser which is a real point of difference for this product, It also it makes an awesome holiday base, when you want some coverage but you don’t want to feel it on your skin! YSL Beauty call it a tinted moisturiser but for me it’s definitely a light to medium buildable foundation that can be worn in the evening with concealer.

  • This is also the one for you if you want a glow but you’re prone to oiliness, it does a great job of looking glowwy but not at all sweaty or oily

  • Doesn’t settle into my expression lines, the plumping hyaluronic acid means it smooths out the skin and doesn’t crease, I can confirm that this is true!

  • I find it’s best applied with my fingers! This is the foundation that gets me the most skin compliments

  • Oil free and non comedogenic so a great option for breakout prone skin

  • Overall I adore this foundation for days where I don’t want to feel the ‘heaviness’ of makeup on my skin. I will often apply it with my fingers, pop on a bit of cream bronzer, brush through my brows and run out of the door! It’s the perfect chill vibes, weekend go-to base!

  • I currently only have shade B40 which is far too dark for me right now, it’s my summer shade and will be coming with me to the Euro summer. My winter shade would be B20

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF25 $110

  • How long I’ve been using it: 1 month

  • The best way to describe this skincare/foundation hybrid is to use the word… silky. You definitely get those skincare benefits which I absolutely love, your skin just looks instantly happy and radiant as soon as you apply it, you can truly see the change in your skin rather than being a product that completely covers your skin up

  • It has a lavender scent like most Bobbi Brown foundations which I love and makes me feel so calm when applying this in the mornings before a busy day

  • It’s absolutely beautiful for every-day wear, but I wouldn’t use it in the evening because it can be difficult to build up coverage, however it’s SO blendable which I love and I know those of you with dry skin will appreciate. It’s definitely a good skin day foundation!

  • Formulated with a focus on hydration, sun protectant, collagen damage and fighting signs of ageing. One to go for if your concern is ageing or tired looking skin however I’m 23 and I absolutely LOVE this foundation for its texture, hydration and glow effect on the skin

  • I find it’s best applied either with a brush or your fingers

  • The dropper dispenser annoys me just a litttttttle bit as it’s a lightweight serum formulation so can be messy if you aren’t careful. I wish it came from a pump but it is fun to feel like a scientist sometimes when doing your makeup! Lol

  • I noticed the shade range at Farmers and Smith & Caugheys aren’t as diverse as I would like them to be, but hopefully they have the full shade range in Bobbi Brown stores as I saw on their website there is a much more diverse shade range. It appears that unfortunately the department stores aren’t stocking the full shade range.

  • Overall I adore this foundation and see it being one I will always go back to in the future for its skincare and anti-aging properties

  • I use shade 2.5 Warm Sand which is my perfect shade! In winter I tend to either fake tan or just wear long sleeve clothing so I always go a couple shades darker than my skin colour because I never like to look pale

Clinique Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup SPF15 $65

  • How long I’ve been using it: 6 months

  • Contains vitamin C & E to brighten and protect the skin from environmental stressors making it a fabulous every day foundation for the cold months! Vitamin E is one of the best ingredients to use in your products during winter because it’s literally a barrier that protects and nourishes the skin. Fragrance & paraben free, so the best option here for those of you with sensitive skin!

  • I find it’s best applied with a brush

  • The glow is real with this foundation! It’s beautiful and the one I always reach for when I’m feeling like my skin is looking dull but I don’t want too much coverage. The coverage is light to medium buildable but on a good skin week I would still wear this on a night out! It doesn’t cling to any dry patches which is another thing I struggle with when it comes to foundation and it melts into the skin beautifully so never, ever ever looks cakey

  • One of the VERY FEW foundations that doesn’t crease or settle into my expression lines which I love because I don’t need to keep looking in the mirror throughout the day I just know it looks perfect for hours!

  • Overall this baby will be a favourite of mine forever, I wear it all year round through summer and winter months and I absolutely LOVE it!

  • I use shade CN1 Alabaster which is perfect for me all year round.

Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation SPF20

  • How long I’ve been using it: 2 months

  • 97% naturally derived ingredients

  • It claims to be 16 hour wear, I’ve worn it for 8 hours and it still looked great (just needs touching up in areas where you touch your face and around the nose etc). This would be a fantastic night out foundation as well as being great for day time (especially with the SPF) when you need your makeup to look good all day, the perfect work day foundation!

  • Buildable coverage: I find you can really buff a small amount so that it’s more like a skin tint type of coverage, or you can really build it up to a medium/lower end of the full coverage spectrum, coverage.

  • I find it’s best applied with a brush

  • There are 30 shades available from Guerlain however the Auckland stockist Smith & Caugheys is only currently offering 9 shades. I would love to see them offer more of a diversity of shades for this amazing foundation!

  • The texture is insanely smooth, the most natural looking foundation that isn’t a ‘tinted moisturiser/BB cream’ I have ever come across! It’s skin perfecting but in the most natural way possible, it’s covering but truly looks like your skin with a luminous but ‘not too glowwy’ finish

  • Guerlain products can be quite over scented but this foundation is an exception! The fragrance is incredibly light and non-irritable

  • Overall I was so surprised by how completely obsessed I am with this foundation, it was a real ‘love at first application’ product for me and I will definitely be repurchasing her after I run out for the media sample! The PERFECT versatile base for every day and evening wear!

  • I wear shade 02N which is paler than what I would normally go for, however I noticed this foundation does slightly oxidise and with a bit of bronzer it looks great! However I still think I would need to go slightly darker in the summer

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