Re-launching My Blog with Pluto Themes


Re-launching My Blog With Pluto Themes

Hi my loves!

I am so, SO, beyond excited to welcome you guys to 2.0! I’ve had a brief hiatus while we prep for our 4 month trip overseas (yay!) and during that break I’ve been working on the relaunch of the blog that was seriously in the need of a makeover with my friend Alarice who is the founder of Pluto Themes!

We’ve played with the colours I love, made the blog posts more compact and easier to read, and basically just given the whole blog a bit of love, thought and care to make it a much more relevant and interesting reading experience for you guys. After four years of the same design and layout, this refresh is such an exciting career milestone for me. I really, really hope you love it as much as I do!

Beyond enjoying the blog as a reader, I think a lot of you will be interested in Pluto Themes, and what they offer if you’ve ever dreamt of starting a blog (DO IT!) or needed a fresh new website for a current or new business. NZ based, Pluto creates beautiful Squarespace themes to help you launch your blog, business or service with a professional website for a fraction of the cost it takes to get a bespoke website created by a web developer.

You have the option of setting up your Pluto Theme on Squarespace yourself - it’s super easy and they have created these fab step-by-step tutorials for you, or you can pay an additional fee to have the site set up for you which is awesome! I find that a lot of ‘theme’ companies online are always US based and feel a bit too foreign (if you ever need help you’re speaking to an automated email), it’s nice to know that there is a local creative team behind Pluto that is here to help you with your site should you need it.

There are other additional services including a customised version of the available Pluto Themes which is ideal for those of you with a slightly bigger budget and wants a unique flair to their website. The new is customised from the Frais Template and it’s a great option to again have a special site created exactly how you want it at a much more affordable price.

Pluto is perfect for those of you who have been dreaming up a business idea for a while and just didn’t know where to start in terms of getting a website up, or those of you wanting to launch your own blog with a fab website from the get go. As we know, first impressions matter and in my experience getting the website sorted is always the trickiest but most important part of launching a blog/business! You can check out more details about Pluto here.

Pluto have kindly given me a code for you all - for $25 off use code: ASH25 at check out

Anyway, I also just wanted to say the biggest thank you to all of you who have supported me over the last couple of years. I wouldn’t be able to do this without any of you and I appreciate your support beyond words can describe.

THANK YOU, I love you, and I’m excited for the next chapter of this journey we are all on together. This blog is about connecting, having real, honest conversations, and helping each other out in all areas of life.

Cheers to you guys! <3