The Real Reason I Took A Break From Blogging


The Real Reason I Took A Break From Blogging

Hello Beautiful People,

I hope you’re all been well and have lots of exciting things happening this week. I hope you’re all super happy and that everything in your lives are going well for you!

It’s been a hot minute since I was consistently posting here a couple of months ago (aside from the Bali post!), so I thought I would jump in and give you guys a little bit of an update and kind of an explanation as to why I haven’t really been overly active on here.

I lost my Writing Mojo

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, but I have just completely lost my writing mojo. I get frustrated when typing things because I just want to say them to you in person (which brings me to my next point), and it really sucks because around a year ago I was truly in a good, solid, healthy relationship with my words, and I loved stringing them together creatively to share my reviews, opinions and experiences with you guys.

I’ve come to realise that my best written work happens at the most random times, usually when I’m really excited, upset, worried or passionate about something, so I’ve now decided to really start playing on that idea and let the blog posts come naturally, because that way you know you’re always going to get something from me that has been written from the heart! It’s a win, win.

I’ve fallen in love with Video Content

Recently I’ve really found my confidence on my YouTube Channel and I have been absolutely obsessed with making videos. I feel at my most creative when filming and editing, so I really feel deep down in my heart that my channel now needs to start taking priority over my blog.

It’s not just the creative element that I love about creating video content, it’s the fact that I can sit down in front of a camera and talk to you guys about everything under the sun in a much more personal manor. I know that I connect far more with the influencers I follow that have a YouTube channel on top of their blog and social media accounts so it’s really important for me to make sure that you guys get to see and hear the real me, rather than just reading the words I’ve written or seeing the pictures I’ve taken. I want you guys to feel a true connection with me, because that is basically the whole point of me creating content to share, interest and benefit you guys!

Is the Blogging world dying out?

Not only have I been analysing my own routine which is choosing to go to YouTube first before I check all of my fave blogs for updates, but I recently read (and I get this is completely ironic) a blog post by London based influencer Emma Hill all about why she thinks it’s important to spread yourself over your blog, social platforms but most importantly a YouTube channel, as it’s too risky to put all of your eggs in one basket while social and online trends change through the upcoming years.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? From a social perspective, I think doing YouTube is a much better way to connect with your audience. From a business perspective, it’s great because you’re exposed to an enormous reach of people, not just the people who know about you enough to click your blog link via Instagram or who love you enough to search your blog into their search bar each morning before their cup of tea. You are so much more easily discovered and that is something that I think is so super cool about doing YouTube.

Another reason why I think YouTube is now my go-to for my influencer fix is because I can watch it while I do my makeup and get ready in the morning, I pop it on while I’m clearing the dishwasher, and I’ll sometimes even watch a video with my headphones in while I walk the dog!

On the other end of the spectrum, I know a lot of you like to catch up on blog posts during your work break at your desk, which of course you can’t do with a YouTube video, so in those scenarios there are still definitely places for blog post where YouTube videos don’t fit, so don’t panic if you can’t ever see yourself jumping infront of the camera because I totally understand that not everyone is capable of it! I am also totally aware that some people prefer to read and have that reference to go back to which it must more difficult in a video. Photography is another element because it’s the only place apart from Instagram where you can really show off some beautiful content, I’m just starting to feel like YouTube is a platform that I am so much for excited about in terms of both watching and creating.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts I’ve been having recently and as this is a full time job for me, it’s really important to know what kind of content you guys are interested in and what you digest better in terms of reading or watching/listening. I am in no way shape or form saying that anyone should stop bothering with reading or writing blogs, I am just noticing some trends at the moment and sharing how I feel about them.

Overall I will still be posting over here, it’s just not going to be a consistent, twice a week kind of thing. I think the less pressure will encourage more creativity which I’m really exciting about!

Thanks for stopping by and I would absolutely love to hear your opinion on blogging vs YouTube or whether you dedicate your time to consuming both! Let me know!

Lots of love, Ash xx

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