Winter Skincare Saviours


Winter Skincare Saviours

My skin does this fantastic thing every July once winter has really kicked in. It starts to shrivel up, my ride or die products start to sting a little after application, my makeup doesn’t quite sit right and I get these LOVELY blotchy red dry patches on my cheeks. In my wee opinion, winter really is the season of skincare where we really must be using products that not only work, but are hydrating, and more importantly, nourishing.

We only get one face and that is why I am such a skincare junkie, I really do think investing in your skin is the most important type of investment (however you will find an ‘affordable’ brand product in here that I LOVE) and your makeup is never going to look nice unless you’ve looked after the base underneath.

I have been using a lot of these products since last winter which have since been repurchased so I am able to give you a solid list of recommendations for products that will hydrate and love your skin so that the paler, winter version of you can look just as fab as the tanned, summer version!

I also recently tested some skincare from a new brand that I hadn’t tried before and the consequences were not great. My skin went blotchy, I broke out in a face rash and the products just felt so cheap and gross! I had to strip back to my usual daily routine which involves a few of these products and others, but today I just wanted to highlight the products I use every day, every other day or once a week that I think really make an impact when it comes to hydration and nourishment. The key to gorgeous skin! Plus they are the products that will never break me out or make my skin react. Tick, tick.

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

Nine words: I never want to try another cleanser ever again. I developed a big love for oil cleansers two years ago and have never looked back! I find that they always have the best, least harming ingredients in them, they’re the most hydrating and they always leave your skin looking better than it did before, not just cleaner! I was gifted this Bobbi Brown one in October last year and am now on my second bottle because I adore it so much. If you’re in the market for a new cleanser I would recommend this babe for any skin type!

Avene Thermal Spring Water

I discovered this French brand four years ago when I travelled Europe and since then, Avene has launched in NZ and I have discovered SO many great products. One of the best being the Thermal Spring Water spray, Avene is famous for using their French thermal spring water in all of their products which is full of soothing properties, so its amazing for sensitive, dry skin! My skin right now is exactly that so I am addicted to this stuff and spritz it about 5-10 times a day, my skin literally glows and softens up as soon as it drys and sinks into the skin. Freaking. Love. This.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Everyones favourite, and for good reason! Aside from the fact that it helps to repair and regenerate the skin, it’s just SO hydrating. I SLATHER my face in this stuff every night because it’s full of hyaluronic acid which is the number one hydrating skincare ingredient. The reason I love this particular serum so much in comparison to others that the formula is closer to a gel consistency, so it just feels much more hydrating than anything else does. I just opened my second bottle and I cannot imagine a winter skincare routine without it, ever!

Kiehl’s Hydro Plumping Serum Concentrate

I need a hydrating serum morning and night these days so for my morning boost of hydration I’m currently using this Kiehl’s serum which is basically MAGIC because it pumps out as a gel and then applies to the skin.. kind of like a thick water? I’m on my third bottle of this stuff and its gorgeous underneath makeup and really just adds that extra bit of hydration that a moisturiser can’t achieve on its own.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye Serum

There are two Lancome eye products that I’m obsessed with right now, the one I use in the evening is the Advanced Genifique Yeux Cream which is gorgeous, but today I want to put a spotlight on the Light Pearl Serum which is what I use in the mornings. Have you ever heard that old trick where you pop a spoon into the fridge over night and place it under your eyes in the morning to de puff and diminish dark circles? This product uses the same idea which I LOVE.

The applicator is a cold pearl which is used to apply the hydrating eye serum to the under eye, kind of like in an opposite window wiper movement. The serum is beautiful because it helps to brighten the skin around the eye and it sinks in straight away which is great for when you’re in a rush and you need to apply makeup straight after skincare! I noticed a HUGE difference after using this every morning and it’ll be a skincare staple forever.

Weleda Skinfood

I am so late to this bandwagon but the hype is REAL. My friend Jess introduced me to this baby during a camping trip back in Feb and I couldn’t believe the instant result it gave my skin. Its THICK, but perhaps the most nourishing moisturiser I have ever come across. Once it sinks in after 10 minutes, your skin just GLOWS. It’s softer than soft and feels amazing! It’s super versatile which is cool, if its too thick for you you can use it as an overnight mask. It’s got some gorgeous ingredients in it including sweet almond, calendula flower which is a product I was introduced to by Kiehls (they do a great range using calendula), chamomile which is known to soothe, beeswax, and a whole bunch of other amazing oils – I was super impressed after reading the ingredients list because the product is literally made from all natural ingredients aside from one or two preservative ingredients which is fine otherwise you’d have to use it up within a month of purchasing it.

Its organic, cruelty free, affordable and just a bloody good, reliable, amazing product to have on you. I only use it during mornings or nights where I’m feeling REALLY dry, but it’s just good to have for those times where you just feel like your skin is trying to morph into a prune.

Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto Repair Hydrator

Another moisturiser that is much lighter than Skin Food, but is amazing in its own right. It’s scientifically driven and continues to hydrate your skin 72 hours after application, so basically if you’re using it day and/or night, you’re going to be applying maximum hydration which is FAB for dry skin moments. I whip this out if I’m not feeling up to the thickness of Skin Food, as this one is better for sitting underneath makeup! Oil, paraben, alcohol, mineral oil and fragrance free, Moisture Surge is my skins best friend who will never stab her in the back.

L’Oreal Cocoa Nourishing Sugar Scrub

You should have seen my reaction when I discovered this product. Liam heard me squeal from the bathroom and had to check on me to see what was going on. “I JUST DISCOVERED THE MOST AMAZING SUPERMARKET SKINCARE PRODUCT”.

I have loved the L’Oreal clay masks since the week they launched in NZ and need to repurchase the detox one soon, but when they launched their sugar scrubs and I tested the Cocoa Nourishing one, I was literally BLOWN AWAY. The reason why I was so impressed by this scrub is because of two reasons. The first being the actual formula of the product, it’s somewhere between a wax and a mousse (I know) and aside from the fact that it smells of cocoa in the best way, it has sugar particles that gently exfoliate the skin and then quickly melt, so that as you’re massaging the product the exfoliating sugars disappear. I love this because there’s nothing more annoying then trying to wipe excess exfoliant beads off your face that just won’t come off, AND it’s better for the environment and your skin to be using natural exfoliating particles.

The next reason, and why I use this baby pretty much twice a week is because of how it leaves your skin looking and feeling after you’ve worked it into the skin and wiped it away with a warm wet flannel. This is no joke, it softens your skin up better than any moisturiser can, and its even better because it’s gotten rid of any dead skin that’s been sitting there unwanted. My skin just always looks so bright and glowwy and happy and CRAZY soft instantly after using it!

I know I’ve rambled on a lot about this but that’s because I genuinely am completely obsessed with it, if I could get all of you to go out and purchase one product out of everything I’m talking about today, it’d be this one. Affordable skincare MAGIC.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Hydrogel Melting Mask

When the moisturisers and serums just aren’t enough, I turn to her. Sheet masks usually make my skin feel itchy but this Lancome one NEVER does. I use one 1-2 times a month and especially when I’m flying, so I’ll be taking a couple of them to Greece with me! This mask also has brightening properties in it so I also use it the night or day before a big event so that my skin is prepped perfectly and looking its absolute best!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Another gorgeous mask I’ve been using for years. I picked this up during an Amsterdam winter trip when my skin was dying from the European winter + constantly flying between countries and after one night of use, it fully transformed my skin. I haven’t been using it a whole lot lately but it is a wonder product so I just needed to give it the wee mention it deserves! The Origins masks from Mecca are amazing if you’re in the market for a new luxe mask that does exactly what it says it does (believe it or not that can sometimes be hard to find with skincare!).

Woah, that was a lot, but as I said I’m a total skincare junkie, I’ve tried a LOT so it’s nice to have found the products that I can trust myself, and give you guys a tried and true recommendation because I can appreciate that a lot of ‘influencers’ these days aren’t really testing things like skincare thoroughly enough in order to give a legitimate reccomendation.

Anyway, I hope this might have helped if your skin is as dry as the Sahara and you’re needing something new to add into your routine! Do let me know if you know of any other fab hydrating products too that I must know about.

Love Ash xx

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