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5 Important & Liberating Things I Have Realised This Year: Career, Love, Friendships & Me

The year of 2018 has by far been my biggest year of growth as a woman, a woman I have been the most proud of during my lifetime. We are still a couple of months away from the new year however during the lead up to Christmas and my birthday (23!!), I can’t help but spend a little time self reflecting so today I want to share some of the key things I have learnt this year that you can all apply into your own lives, because I believe life is all about growth.

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Winter Skincare Saviours

My skin does this fantastic thing every July once winter has really kicked in. It starts to shrivel up, my ride or die products start to sting a little after application, my makeup doesn’t quite sit right and I get these LOVELY blotchy red dry patches on my cheeks.

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