A Life Update


A Life Update

HI! How are you guys? I feel like I have so much to tell you.

While I write this, the date is Monday the 23rd of September. We have been travelling full time since the 21st of June and oh my goodness has it been a wild ride! Our trip has been everything I dreamt of, we’ve partied in Hungary for a week straight at Sziget Festival, slept on an overnight train through Poland, eaten our entire body weight in pasta, spent a week on a yacht in Croatia, made some life long friendships along the way and now we are wandering through Spain on a constant look out for churro’s. Life has been pretty incredible.

However, the routine lover in me has been really, really, really, craving our arrival home. In three weeks, we’ll be back with the other love of my life (my darling Shihtzoodle Abby), and I’ll be back in my kitchen making my daily morning Nespresso thinking.. where the hell did that all go.

But I’ll be refreshed, wiser, the travel bug will be content. I’m already feeling all of these things, and I’m especially proud of Liam and I to have planned and booked this entire trip all by ourselves without any hiccups along the way (missing trains, double booking accom.. my biggest fears but they didn’t happen! Success!).

One thing I really wanted to tell you was how sorry I am for not being consistent here on the blog or over on my YouTube channel while we have been travelling. I’m almost embarrassed and I feel like a bit of a failure. Going into this trip, I relaunched my blog with the amazing Alarice Stewart with every intention of posting travel guides and other related travel content as we travelled to each new place.

I mean.. we were basically in a new city every 2-4 days, I really had no idea the kind of fatigue that can cause, alongside the pressure of creating content while I’m really just trying to LIVE. 

So I decided to do just that, live. I wanted to live in these moments completely, and as you can all imagine, thinking about blog photos or whipping out the vlogging camera for YouTube a couple of times per day kind of stops any authentic living from happening.

Anyway, the blog posts are still coming, they’re just coming after the trip, which I think was the right choice, another fear of mine was to come home feeling like I was purely thinking about work, rather than enjoying myself the entire time. If there are any cities on our trip that you particularly would like advice on, please let me know! 

From here in Madrid, we move onto Seville, then to Portugal which I am SO excited for. I’m going to go and continue living, and you guys will hear from me super soon.

Love Ash x



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